Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My little brother troubles me all the time, except when he is sleeping.

Can you give me a solution for that?

He troubles me as follows :

1) He gets on my back and doesn't let me get up.

2) He cries so loudly that it hurts my ears.

3) He bites me on my fingers sometimes.

4) He snatches whatever i have in my hand.

5) He pushes me off my bed when i goto sleep.

6) He also pushes me off my dining chair when i eat.

7) He drinks my water and sometimes, pours it out.

8) He tries to lick the moisturizing lotion off of me when i apply some.

9) He steals my pencils and draws on the walls and gets me in trouble.

10) He jumps on me all the time.

That's all i can think of, now. But, there is more. Can you give some ideas to handle him?