Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My stay in india

I am going to tell you what i did in India.

We stayed in chachalu paati's house and Govinda thatha and paati's house for the most part.

In Govinda thatha's house, athai and srinithi visited us and stayed with us. I played nicely with Srinithi. She used to listen to me. She's 4 years younger than me, so i taught her how to play. Srinithi and ajay fought over every toy :-) It was funny.

In chachalu's house i had lots of fun with my cousins Janani and Gautham. Gau tried to trouble us sometimes, but we managed him. I used to watch movies with Janani and read lot of books with her. My favorite part was reading tinkles with her. Appu mama got us more and we shared and read all of them. Janani argued sometimes but played nicely for the most part. Gau and I fought a lot and played nicely only when Janani was sleeping or when she was in school.

Mama took me, janani and gau to watch Madagascar 2. We didn't trouble him at all. We loved the movie. We also watched a ton of kids dvds at home. Ajay used to wake mama everyday in the morning and he also taught him to count from 1 - 10 everyday.

We also went to several other places and went to all relatives house. Will write about it later.