Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hi after a long time.

Now i have my own email and i can post using my id. I have lot of things to share. We went to Dollywood in september and we loved it. Aj and I had a great time and want to go there again and again.

My favorite thing in Dollywood was the river battle and the white water rafting. I cant remember what it is called. We also went to MagiQuest. It was tons of fun and little bit scary too.

Me and my mom got junior magi and my dad got the actual Magi. It's big! Ajay was mad because he was not allowed to play. They would only let kids older than 4 play. But, he managed to trouble us a lot. Here are some pictures of Dollywood

and here are some of magiquest...

Both are cool places to visit.

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vidhas said...

You could have taken Gautham also with you, both of them will trouble you a lot.