Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Back from India!

Just got back on Monday after a fun filled india trip.
It was not fully fun, because i missed my daddy. He could not come with us.
Also, i missed Sridhar thatha and going out with him on his scooter. He used to take me to the shops in his scooter and take me for rounds in the evenings.

Btw folks, me and my brother are both mottais now. We shaved our heads at a temple in Rajapalayam which is near my dad's birth place. We went to a place which was just 5 miles away from my dad's birthplace. I saw my mom's birth place only in the map :)

One more joke. When daddy called us after we got our head shaved off, mommy asked ajay to tell him he is mottai. He said i'm muttaai (like mithai) and when daddy asked him are mithai he said i am muttai. Muttai means egg. isn't he too funny. He kept saying he is muttai again and again :D

Will update more later about the fun that i had.