Saturday, March 21, 2009

Foam cup turtle

This i made when i was 3 years old. Mommy took the photo and kept it.

Cut a brown colour construction paper or the lunch bag you get like face and arms and legs.
Staple it to the foam bowl. Decorate with cut strips of coloured papers for the turtle shell.

I am sending this to Shama aunty's Papercrafts event.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My awards! Yay!

My mommy has given me two awards and i am so happy. I want to share these awards with all of you who have come to see this blog. I also want to share these with my baby brother tutu, my cousins Jan, Gau, Appu, little baby Ananya and both little srinithi and big srinithi.

Something funny...

Yesterday my principal was dancing in front of everyone in the school. He was dressed up like Hannah Montana and wearing a blonde wig. We all laughed sooooo much. The whole school laughed.

We also watched a program about Harriet Truman and other slaves and how they got free. I felt happy because our country has freedom now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My craftwork - Shoebox House

I made this house with my mommy and daddy's help.
We just need to wrap a gift wrapper around the shoebox and stick some photos on it.
I did the sticking.

Inside the shoe box, daddy fixed a cardboard piece with double sided tape, so we could have 2 levels. I used my fisher-price little people toys in it.

I am sending this to Shama aunty's PaperCrafts Event

I started Karate again

I took a break when i went to India and i started it again last month. It is real fun!
I like it a lot and we also get to play games while we learn Karate. Another word for Karate is Taekwando

At school, we are studying about 'describing words' and also we have been learning this new song 'Feelings...nothing more than feelings' and it sounds kind of funny.

At home, Ajay is the trouble as usual. He attacks me more now at bed time :) He repeats what i say and tries to annoy me. He's funny though and i love him a lot.